OTTI’s little statement

Otti Ouri

【Otti Ouri (オッティ オウリ)】








【Otti Ouri】


I’m not a good talker.
I’m not good at finding the right words to say what I want to say.Even in the gallery, I often regret not being able to tell the visitors what I want to say most in a short time.

What I have done for a long time is to draw animals.I have been drawing pictures of animals and dinosaurs almost every day since I was little.I like animals.I am attracted to the “shape” peculiar to animals.I’m thinking about the “life” of animals.I can inflate my image and put my soul on the animal line.I draw a line drawing of animals with a water-based ballpoint pen.And I color it with an oily colored pencil.

Strangely enough, the animals I drew seem to talk very well to the people watching them, unlike me.People says,“I’m very attracted to their facial expressions.” “Your paintings cheer me up.” “It’s soothing.” “It’s touching.” “I was encouraged.” and so on.

The animals I draw speak to people more than I speak.When I realized that, I came to think strongly, “I want to draw more, I want to draw more, I want people who see my paintings to know a part of me.”

To be honest, it’s hard to explain the work in deep language, but one thing I can say is that there are people who like my paintings and are moved to cry, smile, and like it.I am happy when I see their smiles.What makes me happy is their smiles.I am happy to be able to be of even a little help to others.

To me, “drawing an animal” means “connecting with people.” Now, I want to think about the meaning of drawing every day since I was born.And I want to continue to devote myself to making paintings, the only way for me to connect with people.

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